Updates from Brill School

Vision Evening 2021-22

We were delighted to host our school update evening for parents in person this year.  Staff and Governors shared the aims and school priorities for the upcoming year. Parents  shared their experiences of Brill School with staff and Governors; enabling us to build stronger foundations by listening to feedback and working in partnership.

For those of you unable to attend the event, please click here to view the ppt shared; we will shortly be sharing a video of the evening too.


Aim 1: Brill children move on with ‘the wind in their sails’: with the resilience, thirst for learning and values to sustain them beyond their Brill School years.

Aim 2: Brill children, whatever their starting point, make progress that is well above the national average. They will have secure skills in maths and english, a depth of understanding across the curriculum, good awareness of our diverse and changing world, and the confidence to play their part in it.

Aim 3: We have continued to attract and develop outstanding people committed to our Brill ethos. Our outward looking team collaborates and innovates alongside partner schools and organisations to inspire and improve.

Aim 4: We will develop our learning environment to enable innovative outdoor education, reduce our environmental impact as much as possible and create safe, inspiring learning spaces for 30 children in each class. 


Live Q&A Session

For those who were unable to attend our live Q&A Session on the 19th Nov, we have uploaded a recording of the Teams call, please see the link below. The live session offered an opportunity for members of the SLT, Staff and Governing team to address raised questions from our parent body, following the sharing of the videos as part of our Parent Update Evening. The selection of videos capture our aims and priorities for this academic year. 

We hope you find this useful.



Parent Update Evening

Our 3-5 Year Aims and Priorities for 2020-2021

Below is a presentation from our Chair of Governors, Liz Cotgreave. Liz shares our aims for the next 3 to 5 years and the outcomes of our 2020 Parent Survey, then highlights a few of this year's priorities. We've picked some of these to tell you more about in the videos that follow.

The following set of slides are a more detailed version of those in Liz's presentation, and you can see the 2020 Parent Survey results here.

Priorities for 2020-2021

Below Mrs White and the Team share videos explaining how we plan to address some of these priorities and why we feel these are important areas to focus on this year. We will share more videos updating you on our progress in each area of our priorities throughout the duration of the year.

Our Vision and Aims

Aim #1: Brill children move on with ‘the wind in their sails’: with the resilience, thirst for learning and values to sustain them beyond their Brill School years.

Priorities for 2020-2021:

  • Ensure all stakeholders have a clear understanding of what a ‘BRILL child’ means and have clarity on our school vision.

The video below will explain to you our curriculum's vision for all pupils at Brill School and explains to you what we mean by 'The Brill Child'.

Enabling 'The Brill Child'

Watch the short video below where Mrs White focusses on, in more detail, three areas of the 'Brill Child'.