With three children aged 15, 13 and 8 we have been a part of Brill School for the last twelve years.  I can honestly say that during that time all three children have not had a bad day at school! 

Our children have thrived both academically and socially. The range of school trips on offer is wonderful, day trips to museums, historical sights and nature reserves are just a few. My older children have very happy memories of their residential adventures to France and Boreatton park, experiences that they carry with them forever. 

At Brill School I have always felt encouraged and welcome to speak to teachers with any concerns and the kindness and care shown by all staff is obvious throughout the school. 

The ethos of the school is built on core values that are incorporated into the curriculum on a daily basis.  

At Brill School there is an amazing, strong sense of community and the children are very much part of that.  The strong links with the church and the local community provide a range of opportunities for all children to experience.  I do think this a unique environment.  Parental involvement and feedback is encouraged and welcomed and your views and ideas will always be considered and taken onboard. 

Within Brill School it is very much one big team, the teaching staff really do seem to enjoy being at work and the support for one another and our wonderful Headteacher is evident on a daily basis. 

With only one child left at Brill School, my daughter in Year 4, I know the next few years will fly by and the day will soon come where we say goodbye.  I am very thankful for the wonderful happy memories all of my children will carry with them and what an amazing start they all had being a part of Brill School. 

If you are just beginning your journey at Brill you can be assured of a safe, happy, creative environment where all are welcome. We are all so very lucky to have found this small wonderful school for our children to begin their education. The school has a strong ethos on developing core values such as respect, kindness and courage.  I can honestly say that my eldest have carried these values on to secondary school. Being kind to one another, having respect for other people and different views and to have the courage to aim high and not be afraid to make mistakes along the way. 

We will remain a strong supporter of Brill School even when our children have all left. Once you become a part of the school, your children really feel like they belong and they always want to come back to support the many events that are run throughout the year. 


Mother of daughter in Year 4